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Copper Turkish Cezve Coffee Pot

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Turkish Cezve - Coffee Pot 

Experience the rich coffee and tradition of Copper Turkish Cezve Coffee Pot. This ancient coffee maker features a durable copper body, a classic decorative handle, and two different size options to fit your coffee style.

The Turkish method involves repeatedly heating super-fine coffee grounds over the stove—but you never let the coffee boil. This produces a richly-flavourful brew with a heavy body you won’t soon forget.

Basic Turkish Coffee Instructions:

  • Grind 10g of coffee at a super-fine setting.
  • Fill your cezve with the same amount of water as your turkish tea glass/mug.
  • place one teaspoon of your ground coffee, and bring to a boil stiring gently.
  • Hold the cezve to the heat source until small bubbles form, then remove from the heat.
  • Repeat this process for 2 minutes, then pull away entirely.
  • Pour the coffee, grounds and all, into a small cup and enjoy.
  • For beginners, it may be better to spoon the crema gently into the mug before pouring entirely. 

This Turkish coffee pot features a durable copper body that’ll last a lifetime and a beautiful decorative handle that’s comfortable and classic.